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Welcome to Recruitment1

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Welcome to the new Recruitment1 website.

We reckon the new site is professional, elegant and clever – just like our solutions!

Recruitment1 operates a FREE tailored workplace recruitment service for clients. The proven model delivers effective solutions, using leading technology, coupled with the knowledge of industry-experienced consultants.

Employer Benefits:

  1. FREE, no obligation recruitment service
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity through upskilling
  3. Reduced staff turnover whilst attracting quality employees
  4. Clear pathways mean greater commitment to the training
  5. Staff obtain the leading skills and nationally recognised qualifications
  6. Consistent level of quality and customer service established and maintained
  7. Training incorporated into normal operations as it occurs in the workplace
  8. Reduced staffing costs + Government employer incentives + better performance = higher profit

Learn how it works and contact us today.