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We do the hard work for you - at no cost! Recruitment1 operates a FREE tailored workplace recruitment service for its clients. The proven model delivers effective solutions, using leading technology, coupled with the knowledge of industry-experienced consultants.
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Employer Benefits

Free, No Obligation

Employers receive a FREE, no obligation recruitment service.

Leading Skills

Staff obtain the leading skills and nationally recognised qualifications.

Productivity Gains

Increased efficiency and productivity through upskilling.


Consistent level of quality and customer service established and maintained.

Staff Retention

Reduced staff turnover whilst attracting quality employees.


Training incorporated into normal operations as it occurs in the workplace.


Clear pathways mean greater commitment to the training.


Reduced staffing costs + Government employer incentives + better performance = higher profit.


What we offer you

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    Position Available & Job Advertised

    Client provides details of the position. Recruitment1 writes the job advertisement & promotes the opportunity.

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    Candidate Interviews & Reference Checks

    Recruitment1 conducts interviews, assesses skills, screens candidates, and checks references (upon request).

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    Candidate List Provided To Client

    Client reviews the list of recommended candidates and selects appropriate staff (no obligation to hire).

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    Apprenticeship / Traineeship (On The Job Training)

    Recruitment1 delivers customised workplace training to these Trainees to improve their skills and performance.

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